I make things for people.

I'm a people-oriented technologist obsessed with the intersection of humans and the digitally-connected world. 20+ years in multiple industries has only increased my focus on the people side of the product equation.
I lead teams, building and marketing innovative digital/mobile products and consumer experiences that significantly affect our everyday lives. When I'm lucky, I get to build some of the product itself.
I don't believe in boxes for thinking. I love boxes for time (and for presents).
I strongly believe in design thinking and agile principles in product development, not so much in one specific methodology. .

Together we get the right things done.


I conceive, develop, launch, market, and support consumer digital and communications products for people. Hands-on leader of cross-discipline teams in small and large organizations. Broad interests backed by depth of experience and a positive, pragmatic, and humanistic approach.

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Much of my work is proprietary to clients, but here are some highlights.

Curriculum Vitae

Comfortable making executive presentations, building a growth strategy, defining a product roadmap, giving a tough review, managing vendor partners, stuffing envelopes, or ordering lunch. Whatever it takes to move forward.

It's all about people. Business serving people. Technology serving people. People serving people. People with all sort of goals, needs, and abilities. We're all together here on Earth; we should make it a better place.
I'm happy to be a nerd - it doesn't get much better than to build things that people use every day. An Apple developer from when we cross-compiled from Lisa to Mac 128k. While I still write the occasional iOS app, I believe that technology is a team sport, and work to bring the best out of my team.
Ideas by themselves are pretty cheap. Successful innovation requires that one see possible futures, understand the reality of now, and actively navigate from now to the future. Getting things done requires just enough structure around which to organize teams and effort, without stifling minds. See also "Agility."
It's a big world. Great ideas, new markets, superb technologies, and creative solutions aren't found in just one organization, one country, one culture, or one language. I speak reasonable French, beginner German, and really need to learn Spanish. As a dual United States and Irish citizen, I'm eligible to work in the USA and EU.
Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

There is value in the items on the right, but more value in the items on the left. agilemanifesto.org
Perhaps my greatest challenge and a point of ongoing development. While it can be tempting to reduce the complex world to simple components, it's really important to understand the whole of the system in which we operate.

Professional Experience

All that matters, distilled into a line.


  • Managing Partner, Limitl.es LLC 6/2013 -

    Limitl.es is an incubator for new product concepts. We're developing products for the banking and automotive service industries.

  • Innovation Advisor, CGS Advisors LLC 12/2012 -

    Strategic advisor in Enterprise Innovation and the Connected World for several clients including major automotive brands, a regional power utility, and a global provider of information services. Soup-to-nuts range of services, from strategy formulation to proof-of-concept product development, with a focus on the Connected Consumer Experience. As experienced intrapreneurs we take a very hands-on approach, guiding clients by running their enterprise innovation efforts at first, then running alongside as they become more capable.

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  • Consumer Technology Strategist, VW Group 8/2010 - 12/2012

    Developed and championed a grounded vision of the future state of automotive marketing, purchase and ownership experience for the connected consumer in a connected world. Partnered with Audi and Volkswagen brand teams to evaluate strategy through real-world proofs-of-concept and market-sourced innovations with venture partners. Architected and led Volkswagen’s successful pre-order program supporting Beetle launch, with deposits taken via Amazon for vehicle delivery at local dealers.

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  • Director of Product Design, AARP.org 2008-2010

    Lead product management, user experience design and quality assurance for a top to bottom user-centered relaunch of AARP.org, the USA’s premier destination for adults 50+. Increased loyalty, action and engagement in content and social network through analytics and close partnership with Online Marketing, Editorial, Membership and CRM executive stakeholders. Member of CRM Program Steering Committee. Created exploratory products in Mobile space to test and refine AARP’s approach to this emergent market for our demographic.

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    • Manager of Product Intelligence, AOL LLC 2007

      Defined product scorecard methodology and led strategic product analysis for senior executives utilizing a combination of blue-sky strategic brainstorming, tactical operations management, product and business intelligence. Revamped product planning process.

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    • Product Development Manager, AOL LLC 2006 - 2007

      Led the AOL Macintosh and iPhone product development team. Designed, launched and marketed new AOL experiences on the on the Apple platform. Reestablished focus, reenergized team and secured resources to serve an influential user segment that had been neglected and underserved for 4+ years. Overhauled outdated AOL experience with a totally new clean, light consumer experience. Leveraged no-cost organic promotion opportunities to grow usage of AOL Radio on Mac 33% MoM – usage zoomed from zero to 22,000 daily uniques in 9 months.

    • Sr Technical Product Manager, AOL LLC 2006 - 2007

      Development partner to the business team that launched AOL’s TotalTalk consumer Internet telephone service. Released enhanced versions of AOL Voicemail, AOL Call Alert and AOL By Phone. Teams distributed across the USA, in Nova Scotia CA and Dublin IE. Cut operational costs by $5 million and increased net growth by 15% in DSL business by streamlining operational processes and business systems. Paris FR: Defined customer care solutions and infrastructure requirements that enabled the timely launch of AOL France’s carrier preselect and internet telephone triple-play offerings. Significantly improved relationship between home office and French teams

    • Adjunct Professor of Management, George Mason University 2002 - 2008

      Taught Managing Information in a Global Economy and Introduction to MIS at George Mason University. Served as capstone project advisor for select Independent Studies students. Nominated for Outstanding Faculty Mentor, 2008.

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    • Managing Partner, Neophase Consulting LLC 2001 - 2002

      Partnered with an independent automotive repair shop to design and prototype community, diagnostic and workflow solutions for independent shops. Managed business affairs and business development of self-funded startup.

    • Product Manager, Engenia Software2000 - 2001

      Drove product evangelism into the Product Marketing and Technical teams to break down barriers and encourage team to discover actual customer need for products. Evangelized customer- and product-centric processes and culture in a tech-heavy startup. Created a 3rd party developer program to maintain relationships with key corporate investors.

    • Executive MBA Student, George Mason University 1998 - 2000

    • Senior Software Engineer 1985 - 1998

      Sr Member of Technical Staff, EO Incorporated, San Mateo CA
      Unix Developer, Visix Software, Reston VA
      Research Software Engineer, IRIS/Brown University, Providence RI
      Macintosh Developer, Cricket Software, Malven PA
      Macintosh Developer, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA

    • BS Computer Science, Drexel University 1987

Ed Devinney

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