Ed Devinney

I build things for people.

I’m a people-oriented technologist obsessed with the intersection of humans and the digitally-connected world.

Deep and broad experience in software, hardware, mobile, financial, automotive, data, retail, non-profit and education has only increased my focus on the people side of the product equation.

I don’t believe in boxes for thinking. I love boxes for time. And for presents.

I deeply believe in agile principles of product design and development, but not any particular methodology.

As a product executive, I lead teams of people building and marketing innovative digital products and experiences that significantly affect our everyday lives. As an Enterprise Innovation advisor, I work with clients to create this capability in companies hungering for a new path to success.

I make executive presentations, build growth strategies, define product roadmaps, talk with customers and prospects, give clear reviews, take direct criticism, manage vendor partners, write content, stuff envelopes, and order lunch. Whatever it takes to move forward. Clients, employers and peers have valued my expertise interpreting corporate vision and strategy, translating objectives into tactical plans and providing decisive leadership to cross-functional teams. Teams have valued my approach of individual autonomy balanced with hands-on participation when needed. You probably will, too.

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